YOU Are Why We Do What We Do

How You helped D&K Woodworks become a reality

Hello friend! Welcome to our little corner of the web, D&K Woodworks, where we build quality handmade home décor and furniture to help you create a home you love.

We believe your home should reflect your personal style and tell your family’s story.

We are a husband and wife team who love using wood to create beautifully rustic décor pieces for your home. My name is Kensi and I get to enjoy this amazing journey with my husband, DJ, and our 3 kiddos.

Before D&K Woodworks…

We had just recently moved to a new city. As we began settling into our new home, we ran across one tiny problem: We didn’t have enough furniture and decor to fill it! Our new home featured a formal dining area and a long entry way – neither of which we had furniture for. It also boasted tall ceilings and an abundance of empty walls. It didn’t seem like a problem when we bought the house – in fact, these were features that we absolutely loved – but after we moved in and began the search for furniture and wall décor to simultaneously fit the space, reflect our personal style, and all at the right price, we couldn’t quite find the right pieces to do the job.

Then one day…

After weeks of research and some clever convincing, DJ agreed to build an extra long entry table for me.  We built it together with our boys by our side as they had fun hammering and painting any scrap wood they could get their hands on. Before we knew it, we were always coming up with new project ideas and building them together at every opportunity we had. I loved the personal touch that they gave to our new home.

Behind the Scenes 6 -cropped
Behind the scenes of our first project

Then one fateful day…

We had a friend ask if we could build a custom noodleboard for them. To which we replied: “What’s a noodleboard?” After a little bit of research and building a prototype, we created a noodleboard built just for her. She LOVED it and we were thrilled!

Noodle Board - Ebony Stain 3
The original "Noodleboard"

And so, D&K Woodworks was born.

Since then, we’ve created dozens of noodleboards for our customers and many other home décor pieces that are special to each and every home they are delivered to.

We love what we do and strive for quality in our handmade work. We are so grateful for the joy that our products bring to our customers.  It’s such a privilege to be able to create something special and personalized for their homes and we look forward to sharing our creations with you.

Thank you for stopping by!

DJ & Kensi